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Marketing materials like blogs, social media posts, and email newsletters can effectively drive website traffic, but where and why? Digital promotions grab users' attention and push their focus to your webpage, newsletter sign-up, or sale codes.


A solid call to action can get clicks, but what happens when users arrive at your website and need help finding the information they need to convert? They leave if it's not readily available! 

New websites or ones struggling to improve Google search index rankings often suffer from the same issue - not enough content! Consequently, pages that go live without optimized content are less likely to be picked up in Google index crawls, and it can be more challenging to connect end-users with the information they need to convert.


About, Contact Us, and FAQ pages, for example, are fantastic opportunities to implement on-site optimization techniques, like adding SEO keywords to strengthen page search results, and should be addressed in the quest to get a website launched and live. 

Time and time again, I have been approached to work on digital marketing campaigns, only to have the project scope expand exponentially. More often than not, a website content audit reveals that additional optimized page content will be required to meet targeted goals.


I have recently expanded my professional services offerings to include complete website content branding and development precisely for these reasons.  

Whether you're a client looking to build a new product or services page, or an organization looking for a total web content revamp, I have the skills and the experience to develop the content you need to reach your target audience. 

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