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Social Media 

An active and engaging social media presence is necessary for brand awareness and market penetration. Social media pages are a business's first point of contact with potential clients, serve as a point of access for customers to learn more or inquire about products or services, and can be practical marketing tools when targeting a specific audience demographic. 


But all social media posts are not created equal. 


As a content marketing professional, I must keep current on industry trends, commit to ongoing certifications and training on the latest analytics tools, and apply these principles to increase conversions from social media campaigns. 


Each post has to reflect your company's voice, values, and aesthetic with components that are intentional, visually appealing, and attractive to consumers. In a world where more than one billion stories and one hundred million photos are uploaded daily to Facebook and Instagram, respectively, this is no small task. 


I started my career as a content specialist with copywriting and social media management positions, and this experience forms the bedrock of my professional experience. In recent years, I have worked with clients in industry spaces, including not-for-profits, construction, logistics and freight, digital marketing, health and wellness, architecture, and more. I have generated thousands of dollars in digital and print ad revenue through targeted social marketing campaigns and sponsored content. 


Let's see what we can create together to help your business grow. 

Mason Contractors Association of America

Co-Producer & Emcee

MASONRY Strong Livestream Event - Captiva, FL

  • Facebook marketing campaign reached a lifetime audience of 230,000

  • 485,000 promotional impressions 

  • Livestream reached 55,000+ views within seven days of the launch


MCAA Social Media Channels 

  • 250,000+ lifetime impressions over a 24-month campaign 

  • Ongoing Facecook campaign received 1,000+ shares overall

  • Materials used at World of Concrete conventions and in classroom instruction 


The Incredible Dr. Pol 

Social Media Brand Product Promotion

The Incredible Dr. Pol 

  • Assisted in Dr. Pol Pets Facebook launch - gained 30,000+ followers in 6 months 

  • Generated $75,000+ in sales profits over 12 months 

  • Overall content reach - 2,000,000+ followers 

Destinations by Design, LLC

Social Media Management Consulting

Destinations by Design

  • Increased dbdVegas Instagram follower accounts reached by 4.1% in 60 days

  • Increased dbdVegas Instagram follower account engagement by 122% in 60 days 

  • Grew total dbdVegas Instagram follower account by 2.3% organically in 60 days 

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