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 Content Marketing 

The differences between long-form content pieces and direct marketing content can sometimes be subtle. Both can be educational, product-forward, and used to improve digital marketing strategy results - but it takes an experienced content professional to guide content to where it needs to go.


B2B organizations have different needs than B2C businesses, and a one-size-fits-all approach will fail to produce desired results time and again.


Frequently clients know they need to expand their content offerings and have ideas on how to promote products and services best, but they need help to deliver their concepts in a manner that engages potential customers. 

In my seven years of professional content marketing, I have crafted hundreds of direct marketing blogs and newsletters. I have extensive experience creating and producing SEO/SEM-optimized content to promote brand relaunches, product line releases, and sitewide sales events.


I strive to educate and empower consumers to make informed purchasing decisions (and increase KPIs like click-thru or conversion rates). A solid marketing strategy informs strong content, and rich keyword research is just the beginning of bringing your content marketing materials to life. 

Let's join together to breathe new life into your products and invigorate your brand awareness. 


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