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Long-form content pieces are a crucial part of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy and are essential for those looking to drive website traffic through search engine optimization. With over seven years of professional writing experience and 50+ published pieces under my byline, I know how to develop copy from concept to completion. 


Communication drives business forward, and my job is to convey your thoughts and ideas cohesively and compellingly. Working together, we can reach your target audience directly with evergreen content over social media or via email newsletter.


I use one-on-one interviews, detailed research, and data analysis to cover various topics. In recent years, some of my favorite pieces have included Unconventional Stress Management Techniques, A Brief History of the MCAA, and Helping Veterans Heal


I look forward to each project as an opportunity to learn about a new industry. Let's get to work! 


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Published Works

Over the years, I've become an expert in writing SEO long-form content, including product marketing blogs, educational resources, and digital marketing strategies. I am proud to maintain an extensive body of published works across several print and digital platforms, and am always looking for the next project. Check out my content from a variety of industries, topics, and disciplines here! 

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