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Creating This Blog Was More Difficult Than I Thought...

Creating a brand may seem simple, right? Take a sound concept, slap a quick website together using a template like Wix or WordPress, toss a logo on it, and you're set!

Dead. Wrong.

I endured more setbacks, tears, and disappointments creating this website than I have in a hot minute. The blog you're reading is being presented on Website No. 2 (and we should all be grateful I didn't assault your visual senses with Website No. 1). Creating my own platform was an exercise in endurance, patience, and most importantly, walking away and not tossing my MacBook straight out the window like I so desperately wanted to. There are just so many different things to think consider and decide. For example, are you reading this on your mobile? If so, congratulations, you are one of the 77% of Internet users who will spend an average of 7 minutes perusing this article, which took me a whopping 21 hours to figure out how format and publish correctly.

In this Technological Age, there are a myriad of resources available at your fingertips to aid you in navigating tricky topics like SEO searches, CTR, and ROI while cultivating the digital representation of You. Long gone are the days when a college education would adequately prepare you for a momentous task like designing and launching an entire brand (an exceptionally serious topic that I will explore in greater detail with an upcoming post). Instead, those of us with a clearly defined objective can be left wondering how to get their next inspired idea to the top of a very large and messy pile.

And that's where it's beneficial to hire someone like me. Like the Sacagawea of copywriters, it's my job to lead your space through the treacherous pitfalls of unclear copy, muddled mission statements, and confusing landing pages to deliver your message to the intended audience with stunning clarity. Honest and enthusiastic blog copy can drive up to 5x more traffic to your space when posted daily, which ANY B2B or B2C e-commerce webspace will benefit from in leaps and bounds. Considering that 97% of companies who blog receive more links to their website, it's a win-win situation for everyone involved!

If your website is lagging, or you're interested in expanding your online presence, then the next logical step is to consult the girl that just spent a week of her life learning how to curate her own blog. If I'm dedicated to watching an infinite number of videos like this, who knows what I can do for you and your business?

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